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Have you thought about Video? I am offing video and content creation! It looks lovely and is cheaper that a videographer. Here is a note of what would be included in our unique service: Unforgettable Memories Captured in Real-Time Memories: What sets us apart is our promise to deliver your precious memories within 48 hours of your wedding day. Our rapid delivery ensures that you can share your joy and relish those heart-warming moments with family and friends almost immediately. More Than Just Photos and Videos: We're not just here to take pictures and record videos; we're here to create stunning content that you can share with the world. From beautifully edited videos to captivating reels, we tailor our services to suit your preferences

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Capture Every Moment, Effortlessly Relived: Our Exclusive Video and Content Creation Package


With over a decade of experience​ce in the wedding industry, capturing the essence of more than 500 beautiful celebrations, we understand what truly matters to couples. We recognize the significance of preserving those precious moments not only through still photos but also with incredible video coverage.


In the fast-paced world we live in, we acknowledge that couples don't always have the time or inclination to sit through a lengthy 4-hour video, nor do they want to wait for weeks on end for their video to be edited. That's why, after carefully listening to the needs of countless couples, we've crafted an amazing package that ensures you get to relive and share your special moments within days of your wedding.


Why Choose Our Video and Content Creation Package?


1. **Capture Every Key Moment:** We specialize in capturing all the key moments that make your day unforgettable. From the first look to the final dance, no detail is overlooked.


2. **Fast Turnaround:** Say goodbye to long waiting times. Our fast turnaround ensures you can start reliving and sharing your cherished moments almost immediately after your wedding.


3. **Versatile Viewing Options:** Enjoy the flexibility of viewing and sharing your videos on your phone, devices, and smart TV. Our content is optimized for seamless playback on all your preferred platforms.


4. **Fresh and Innovative Approach:** Experience a new and fresh approach to wedding videos. We bring creativity and innovation to every frame, ensuring your videos are a true reflection of your unique love story.


5. **Single-Source Convenience:** Tired of coordinating with multiple vendors? With our package, you work with one supplier for both photo and video services, streamlining the process and ensuring a cohesive vision.


6. **Discreet and Perfectly Captured:** We understand the importance of discretion. Our team ensures that your day is captured discreetly, allowing you to be fully present in the moment while we work our magic behind the scenes.


7. **No Bulky Cameras:** Say goodbye to big, bulky video cameras disrupting the natural flow of your wedding day. We utilize discreet, high-quality equipment to capture every moment without intruding on your celebration.


Your wedding day is a unique chapter in your love story, and our Video and Content Creation Package is designed to encapsulate its magic in a way that's convenient, beautiful, and unforgettable. Let us be your storytellers, weaving together the moments that will become treasured memories for a lifetime.


Package cost £750.00 

What is included: 

✨ **8 Hours of Comprehensive Coverage:** From the pre-wedding preparations to the magical first dance, our package ensures we capture every significant moment during your wedding day. This includes the ceremony, the confetti shot, drinks reception, photo shoot, and the heartfelt details of speeches and first dance.


📞 **Pre-Wedding Consultation Call:** We believe in understanding your vision. Our pre-wedding consultation call allows us to connect, discuss your preferences, and tailor our services to perfectly match your expectations.


🎥 **Videos of Your Amazing Day:** Our skilled team is committed to turning your wedding day into a cinematic masterpiece. With a keen eye for detail, we capture the essence of each moment, creating a visual narrative that beautifully unfolds.


🎬 **6 Short, Edited Videos:** Receive a collection of six short, creatively edited videos that highlight the most poignant moments of your day. These bite-sized videos are perfect for quick sharing with friends and family on social media.


🌟 **One 15-Minute Highlight Video:** Immerse yourself in the magic of your wedding day with a stunning 15-minute highlight video. This cinematic masterpiece is carefully curated to encapsulate the essence of your love story, allowing you to relive the day in a beautifully condensed format.


👫 **Guest Messages Video:** Treasure the heartfelt messages from your loved ones. Our package includes a special video compilation of messages from your guests, creating a touching keepsake that adds an extra layer of sentiment to your memories.


In choosing our £750.00 package, you're not just investing in a service; you're investing in a beautifully crafted experience that preserves the magic of your wedding day. Let us be your storytellers, ensuring every detail is captured with artistry and finesse.


Kind Words from the Bride Jen... 

“ Hi Jacqui! So sorry for the late reply! We have been living in our little honeymoon bubble for the week! We absolutely loved having you at the wedding, you just fit in so well with everyone and everything went seamlessly! We can’t thank you enough for everything that you have done! We can’t wait to see the photos when there done, we are so excited. Also I LOVE the videos! They are amazing! "

*Contact us to reserve your date or add this to your existing booking, and embark on the
journey of turning your wedding day into a timeless visual masterpiece.*

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